Eight_One Two Architects Huddersfield

We are a progressive architectural practice specialising in contemporary architecture.
We are creative, inventive + modernist architects committed to manipulating space, places
which are as salient and inventive as they are publicly, economically + environmentally responsible.

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Based in Huddersfield Eight One Two Architects primary purpose is to offer simple, functional, cost effective + modern design.
Our philosophy is that the best projects result from a collaborative methodology + shared belief in finding the astonishing within every project.


Regardless of its size, convolution or cost every proposal is treated with the same commitment + desire for success.
We enjoy a broad range of projects in our studio from master planning to bespoke design, giving us challenges of scale,
context, environment + financial parameters.

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Our ethos is to provide responsive, thought provoking, considered, well mannered,Sim_plex Architecture.

Sim_plex – What may seem sim_ple in presence and design but with Com_plex thought driven undertones that inspire architectural response.
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