Proposed Detached Residential Dwelling

After exclusively designing plots 1,3,5 and 6 whilst our founding director was employed by a previous practice, plot 4 is now an Eight One Two project and this 5 bed Proposed Detached Residential Dwelling will form a strong connection on the site that had been occupied as a previously  redundant plot of land. Working with two of the homeowners on Delf Garth to develop this proposal the material palette across the design has already been applied but it was essential that the street scene between plots 2-4 remained individual within its nature.

The size of the floor plate is determined by the site scale and orientation. A double fronted dwelling solution is seen as the most efficient which will order internal spaces and define the entrance area. The layout has been designed to create a traditional  form whilst employing void spaces within the roof. A stepping of form to the south east of the site which in turn is removed from the front of the building creates a flat plane along the northern elevation moving away from the from of design to plot 3 to create a sense of overall belonging to the street scene but also giving the proposal a sense of its own identity.

Whilst the stepping principle to the south of the site responds to the context of the building in line to the rear it also enables views to be opened to south facing sunlight. It was decided that the proposal must reference the same building typology. It would be designed to include roof dormers “pulled out” of the envelope from the building. This creates a rhythm in the building envelope which can help to create a vertical emphasis and help to strengthen the ordering of the building. Regimentation across the window fenestration gives a vertical element to the design by way of floor to ceiling glazing. It is important that the window proportion is designed with careful consideration.




Dodworth_ Barnsley