Proposed City Centre Container Village. Undisclosed Location

Working with our clients New Citizens on a number of projects throughout the UK, Eight One Two was commissioned to develop a concept for a container village for a prime city centre location [That is to remain private at this stage] The existing site is particularly Green and organic in its overall form so it was critical to develop a strength within the concept instead of dropping a number of shipping containers with disregard to the surrounding context. A number of keywords were created to develop the concept
Solid v Void
Open v closed
Public v Private
Nature v Man made
Industrial v vegetation
‘Transition’ through different spaces/elements
The idea was to focus on green area (where some trees will be removed) and provide all viewing/outlook into this space to allow maximum summer light that will be the social/entertainment area 
 To the North of the site will house the offices over 2 storey’s, access to this will be via an outside terrace walkway. This will rise up to 3/4 floors in the top north east corner. The idea is to secure the site along the site boundary and provide an area for business that will be away from the bars/eating areas and green space. The idea is to allow access from the office space to the bars – this is the ‘transition’ phase of moving from one area (offices) to another (eating/ drinking) and can be done on first floor by transitioning through containers to reach a different part of the site.
Food and drink will be hosted as the most social part of the site that allows spill out to the green area. This is to be employed over 2 stories. Doing this helps to integrate with the office spaces but also allowing their own separate areas, again allowing flexibility between different zones.
Green walls and solar panels have also been added, this strategy brings an element of sustainability to the project. Some trees on the existing site would need to be removed trees to provide light, but we put nature back into the containers with  Green walls / Roofs, solar panels and rainwater harvesting potentially the containers become self sufficient and breath life to the scheme.
Retail areas are provided on the main arterial road route adjacent to the site. Containers are double stacked along this boundary and follow the site lines and overlap containers and provide elements of glazing into the containers which will encourage an active frontage along the street scene and encourage people to stop in and shop.
The concept let people ‘wander” in a linear fashion across the site this is a nod to the reference to the city centre. As an overview the city is represented by its boundaries are the ring road to the north and the river to the south. The city grid is contained within these boundaries by shops/bars eating establishments – as a very loose connection the office areas represent the ring road, fixed boundaries to the south represents the river the containers are positioned that allows the linear grid movement of the city.
The entrance area can be accessed from both east and west. The east entrance will be for the offices workers. The west entrance will be for people arriving on foot from the city. double stacked containers, on ground to follow the site lines and on first floor rotated 90 degrees that hang over the entrance area to create a sense on intrigue and encourage  to enter. We also have a further container, at an angle that again follows the boundary line that essentially ‘frames’ the entrance on third floor. There are also areas where the containers can be multi purpose zones allowing complete flexibility across the site.