Residential Car Port external kitchen space

Residential Car Port external kitchen space and associated storage zone with retractable roof.

As part of Eight One Two’s ongoing work load to finish the bespoke residential development at Delf Garth, Dodworth [that was designed by our Managing Director whilst working for a previous practice] we return to Plot 3 to design this car port and associated storage and rear external kitchen and retractable roof.

The proposal reflects that of the existing contemporary feature zinc detailing in the roof dormers and entrance zone. We have created a Zinc ‘wrap’ that takes the same proportions to that of the roof dormer to form the entrance space to the car port. Moving from the driveway along the path you are then drawn to the front door with the Zinc entrance that was an original design feature to lead to the front door. 

A material palette of natural stone coursed at 65mm provides a more contemporary detail for stone and provides a strong base along the boundary of the whole proposal whilst situated above is vertical timber to allow ventilation into the car port. A flat roof is also employed and takes precedent from the domestic modern dormer. To the rear of the property is a modern kitchen area for outside cooking in the summer months with a steel frame structure that runs through from the garage and will contain a retractable roof. A glass balustrade is also introduced from the cooking space to define clear seperation between hard and soft external garden materials.