Residential extension, Hackney, London

Proposed residential extension, Hackney, London. Domestic single storey extension and two storey rear extension to an existing Victorian property.

Simplistic in form; the proposed two storey form will have a projection that preserves the building line of surrounding properties. The overall massing will also be in line to that of the existing property and the ridge line will follow the same order and will not exceed that of the original. The Single storey extension will fill in the void space that is currently viewed as ‘lost space’ in the overall garden.

The material palette will match the existing brick work. The rear elevation will preserve the same window proportions to that of the existing windows to provide balance of glass against brickwork. The use of brick work detail is essential to the success of the rear elevation. Recess brick details within the elevation aim to provide interest and depth to the elevation. The play on depth of the elevation also serves to create balance and break up the monotony  one mass of brick if a recess is not introduced. To provide a further break in the brickwork, brick soldier heads are introduced. The ground floor elevation extends right from the sliding doors to the glazed ‘pop out’ window seat. Doing this groups the fenestration pattern together and also acts as a surround around the glazing as Victorian architecture is typical of having over accentuated porches of detail around an entrance doors and windows. We propose a series of sliding doors from the snug area that can be peeled back to open out on to the garden area encouraging the use of the garden area and integrate inside/outside living. The rear elevation the dining room window has been replaced by a pop out glass box that will provide light into the entertainment space and will also serve as a window seat for the client to relax, again, the size and proportion of this reflects that of the existing dining room window.